Equity One Mortgage Fund

Why borrow from Equity-One™?

Whether you are buying a property, investing in the share market, or requiring working capital for your business, it is important to have access to funds fast. This is where Equity-One™ can help with offering quick decisions and, even better, quick solutions to borrowers. Whilst the Banks and larger financial institutions may offer products which initially seem attractive, they are often not matched by prompt approvals or fast settlements. As a borrower or applicant, at Equity-One™ you can rely on having quick, direct access to the people who assess and approve your loan... FAST!

Description of products

Equity-One™ offers both first and second mortgage Term Loans with amounts from $20,000 to $5 million (Higher loan amounts can be arranged). Terms of our loan can be from as short as 2 months, right up to 5 years. All of our loans are interest only instalments for the duration of the loan.

Loans are our business

Our team of consultants have been providing borrowers with finance for over ten years. Every client is different and all of our solutions are tailored specifically for your individual requirements... yes, we can help you too.